Ever heard someone say "Stay Woke"? Did you know what they meant?  How about the word consciousness. What is that?  Ever thought of "vibes" as an actual thing? Well they are.

Diving into a world, typically known as "New Age" can be daunting.  All those green smoothie drinking, judgy judys can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Believe us, we know. 

And that's one of the many reasons why we created The Art of Waking.  A place to get information, find healing, and not be judged into hiding.  Sometimes when you go through a shift in thinking inside, everything on the outside can change too and not for the "perceived at the time" better. And that is scary.  We can help with that. Thank you for being here. 

Collectively, we are energy healers, fire starters, trainers, coaches, and all around badass women.