Karen Clark - I love you.

Growing up in the Jehovah's Witnesses, gospel music was not allowed. Highly frowned upon. Any secular music really. Depending on the congregation you came from, some were more strict than others. Of course, I listened in secret when I got older. Music speaks to me. I see colors in the notes. I feel the underscore. I hear entire arrangements when I close my eyes to go to sleep to this day. I felt powerful singing along to Karen Clark especially, who I only learned of from a friend I went to college with. (Sorry I stole your CD T!)

When I sing along to Holy, Thou Art Holy - I weep every single time.  Every single time. I cannot explain what happens to me.  It hits a chord DEEEEEP within me.  So thank you Karen. I love you. 

I do not consider myself a religious person. Religion corrupts the hearts of good people under the guise of making them believe they are better, smarter, more favored than others and do so by mechanisms of control that kill a person's Spirit. The very thing they are meant to protect. I do consider myself a person who leads with love, is not afraid to look at her own shadow and believes in the greatness of our collective good together.