Spirituality and the Spirit of Manipulation

Manipulation in spirituality is not new.  It is as old as the New Testament.  And it does not feel good.  It does not feel good to be manipulated. To feel as if my soul is missing out on its spiritual mission and savior if I don't respond to THAT email, if I don't sign up for THAT class with THAT teacher - who by the way isn't that qualified to teach - I will be lost, that I will not be smart.  That I will somehow be not enough or whole.  Really??? You are intentionally wishing for me to feel bad so that I can make you feel good - with money. 

I find this to be a disgusting practice.  It creates panic and fear in people unnecessarily, in people who can be more vulnerable to this manipulation.  When one goes through some sort of spiritual crisis and ends up in a dark night, that person needs help - honest, real help.  Not for more fear to be created and lodged into their system.  

I am not participating in it any longer.  I will not react to your manipulatively written emails.  I will not respond to your fake prompts.  I will not raise my blood pressure for your imaginary time application.  I will not stress myself into your fake pressures and I hope others will unplug from it too.  If you read something that makes you feel lack in yourself, that makes you feel inadequate or like you are not enough as you are, if an advertisement makes you feel bad about yourself in any way, turn it off and know that there is nothing wrong with you.  

Not all teachers teach and not all spirituality is based in Spirit.  Wake up to the fear and control mechanisms and take your power back.