My Love Affair with Books

My earliest memories of joy, have to do with books.  

My aunt would read to me every night from this wonderful book called The People Could Fly. 


I loved that time and those stories transported me to places that I wished I could hang out in more often.  My auntie opened the door to a deep love of literature in my heart.  When we would go to the mall, you would find me in the back reading nook of the Waldenbooks.  I had a collection of bookmarks because - yeah, BOOKMARKS!  Christopher Pike's novels were Young Adult gold back then. Judy Blume helped me be ok with growing up.  The African American section helped me figure out who I was. The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah - COMPLETE GAME CHANGER for my teenage self of what it meant to tell a story.  Then there were the Pizza Hut Reading rewards and the book fairs and the monthly book ordering form - need I say more. 

Barnes and Noble in my adult years became the place I went.  The destination.  I am forever a seeker.  A seeker of knowledge.  (sup Harry)

Books allowed me to escape, something I would get very good at.  (Thank you coping mechanism) And they allowed me to learn of other people and how they lived and learned and messed up. And more importantly, how they got back up again. 

Today, one of my most prized possessions is my Kindle and my Audible app comes in a close second. (audiobook love is deep too - especially the performed ones **see Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides performed by Kristoffer Tabori.  It's SOOOOOOOOO good.)  I have consistently had a significant commute time to work and audiobooks were my life line to sanity in the car. 



Non-fiction, fiction, memoirs, sci-fi, fantasy.....I love all genres EXCEPT horror.  I just can't.  I see no point in raising my cortisol levels for that in these troubling times that raise it up enough. 

Do you have a love affair with books?  Tell us about it.