The Art of Discernment

I am learning this very fine art.  Discernment. Knowing what deserves my time, energy and effort and what does not.  Previously, I had no idea idea how I was spending it all and was constantly exhausted and overwhelmed.  

With this realization, I have been setting clearer and cleaner boundaries and am much happier because I haven't been frazzled. This, however at times has lead to conflicts, where some have a problem with this newfound esteem of sorts.  Pietersite helps with this for me with increased will and energy.  The enabler has left the building. 

The more I connect with myself, the more I understand myself.  The more I understand myself the clearer I am with where I would like to be.  And ultimately, what does not serve that end, had to and must go. 

Are you discerning?  What do you spend your time on?  Are clear with your boundaries?