Music - What it Means to Me


It has been my best friend.  Sometimes my only friend.  It speaks for me when I don't have the words.  It allows be to move emotions that I previously may have believed un-moveable. It takes happiness and can make it into a joyful explosion that pales in happiness' comparison.  It can crack open the hardest heart.  It can steady the nerves of the eager competitor - making way for a performance like non other. 

Music to me is life.  I cannot go one day with it.  In each phase of my life, there has definitely been a distinct soundtrack that defined those years.  The beginning love affair that started through my parents. The school years - tumultuous and strange. The exploration that was college.  The early adulting years.  The divorce.  Motherhood. Each period has been marked with specific music.  

There are songs that spark joy.  There are songs that make tears wretch from me in the most ugly of cleansing cries you can imagine.  And then there are the songs that I write.  I write what I feel and I have always used the pen and paper as my own personal therapy.  (see one of my tunes embedded below)

Have you sat and thought of your soundtrack now?  What is the theme to the music that plays you through your life?  What mantras are you manifesting through your music?  

My soundtrack right now in this phase of me is all about transformation.  Every day, I get better and better.  I am not the same person I was before I left the US. Each day I shed more layers, more skins, more baggage.  Each day, there is someone else to forgive, more love to generate and more of MYSELF to meet.  In short, it's a love story.  A love of self story. 

What are you listening to?