I am a Transformation Consultant.


What does that mean?


It means that I help you get out of your own way. Where are you sabotaging yourself, your efforts, your happiness, your peace? I help you find those areas, look at them and figure out where they came from, and I give you tools to transcend them. I have done this for businesses, for couples and for individuals and I can help you too.

What qualifies me to be a transformation consultant?

I hold an MBA in Business, have been licensed to practice Social Work, hold certifications in healing modalities of energy medicine, trained in negotiations and international policy and business. I have held prestigious positions in corporate America and have lived as an expat in Europe, working in international criminal justice during the course of my 25 year career.

I have been employed with Fortune 100 companies, some functional, some dysfunctional. I have been a consultant for both the public and private sectors (totally different management styles and communication styles required). I have led professionals in the work of NGOs (influencing with zero authority). I have worked in International Criminal Justice (a sobering, and sometimes rewarding experience, which helped me understand in great detail idealism vs. realism). I have been in the Music Business (a gloriously lovely and all together traumatizing collection of experiences to unpack and learn from).  All that to say, I have been quite busy and have learned a great deal. 

I am highly intuitive and my area of specialty is helping you see what you can't. What subconscious muck is in there screwing with your present day reality???  How are you responding or are you reacting to your life?  Are you always the victim?  Is everything always some one else's fault?  Are you the common denominator? If you are and those things resonate with you, that's ok.  It gets better with awareness. 

How can I work with you?

New clients are asked to schedule a free 30 minute appointment with me. This helps us both get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit for each other. In that appointment I will ask you about your current situation and what prompted you to book with me. If there’s a match between us, we proceed to what I feel would be the best plan forward. Unique solutions for unique people.

I’m in. How do I book my free session?

Simply click the ‘Schedule Time with Me’ button below and select a date and time that suits your calendar.

Thank you for your trust.